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TIMS Summer Program: Student Seminar in Algebraic Geometry (Jun. 23 - Sep. 1, 2022)


The main goal of this program is to study the Scheme theory which is the foundation for modern algebraic geometry and the Cohomology theory which is the major technique to define numerical invariants.

The audiences have to be equipped with the background on Chapter I and Chapter II (2.1~2.7) of the book “R. Hartshorne: Algebraic Geometry”.

1. Intrinsic geometry:
    1.1 Sheaves of differential: algebraic version of differential forms
    1.2 Formal schemes: they carry information about all the infinitesimal neighborhoods.
2. Cohomology theory:
    We intend to define it by using derived functors and to compute it by introducing Cech cohomology. We also show some important vanishing theorems and combine them with Serre duality to give some applications in flat family、smooth family, including Zariski’s main theorem and base change theorem of cohomology.

Speakers: 陳宗震、郭婷婷、張茗遠、許嘉麟、莊家華

Date: June 23 - September 1, 2022

Time: Every Tuesday and Thursday, 14:00 - 16:00

Venue: Room 201, Astro-Math Building, NTU

Organizer: Prof. Hui-Wen Lin (Dept. of Mathematics, NTU & TIMS)

Available Talk List

陳宗震 ( National Taiwan University )
On a problem of Sidon
莊家華 ( National Taiwan University )
Cohomology of a Noetherian Affine Scheme and Cech Cohomology
郭婷婷 ( National Taiwan University )
Cohomology of Projective Space and Ext Groups and Sheaves
張茗遠 ( National Taiwan University )
Serre duality
陳宗震 ( National Taiwan University )
Higher direct images and its applications
許嘉麟 ( National Taiwan University )
TIMS Summer Program: Student Seminar in Algebraic Geometry (Jun. 23 - Sep. 1, 2022)