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Summary TIMS Seminar in Algebraic Geometry
Beginning DateTime 30th December 2022 Friday   10:00 (GMT+08:00)
Finishing DateTime 30th December 2022 Friday   11:30 (GMT+08:00)
Location Room 202, Astronomy and Mathematics Building
Description Speaker: Prof. Yu-Shen Lin (Boston University, USA)
Title: Ricci-Flat Metrics on the Complement of Singular Divisors
Abstract: Given a Fano manifold Y with a smooth anti-canonical divisor D, Tian-Yau solved the corresponding complex Monge-Ampere equation and proved that the complement X=Y\backslash D admits complete Ricci-flat metrics. It is little known if X admits a complex Ricci-flat metric if D is a simple normal crossing. In this talk, I will explain the recent work of Collins-Li which gives an affirmative result when \mbox{dim}_{\mathbb{C}}Y\geq 3. I will also give some partial results in dimension two based on a joint work in progress with Collins.
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