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2014 Student Research Seminar on Statistical and Machine Learning


January 17, 2014
Room 308,Mathematics Research Center Building (ori. New Math. Bldg.)

Invited speakersWei-Cheng Chang (Department of Computer Science, NTU)
Yuan-Chin Chang ( Institute of Statistical Science, Academia Sinica)
Meng-Hong Hsu ( Department of Mathematics, NTU)
Shan-Wei Lin (Department of Computer Science, NTU)
Wei-An Lin (Graduate Institute of Communication Engineering, NTU)
Tzu-Yu Ko (Department of bio-Industrial Mechatronics Engineering, NTU)
Tsu-Ming Kuo (Department of Computer Science, NTU)
Po Yao Niu (Department of Mathematics, NTU)
OrganizersHung Chen  (Department of Mathematics, National Taiwan University)
SponsorsTaida Institute for Mathematical Sciences (TIMS)
National Taiwan University
10:00 ~ 10:05Opening
10:05 ~ 10:45Chair: Prof. Hung Chen 陳宏教授 (Dept. of Math. / Institute of Applied Mathematical Sciences NTU)
Yuan-Chin Chang Something Old is New Again — Statistics in Big Data Era
10:45 ~ 11:00Tea Break
11:00 ~ 11:30

Wei-Cheng Chang A Comparison of Optimization Method for Non-negative Matrix Factorization

11:30 ~ 12:00Shan-Wei Lin Sparse Non-negative Tensor Factorization Using Columnwise Coordinate Descent
12:00 ~ 13:15Lunch & Posters
Meng-Hong Hsu Dimension Reduction with Random Projections
13:15 ~ 13:45Wei-An Lin Introduction and Discussion on Logistic Discriminant Metric Learning
13:45 ~ 14:15

Tsu-Ming Kuo On the Study of Solving Weighted Kernel k-means via Symmetric Non-negative Matrix Factorization

14:15 ~ 14:30Tea Break
14:30 ~ 15:00Tzu-Yu Ko Using SVM to Build Grading Phalaneopsis Model by their Geometric Characteristics of Leaf and Flower
15:00 ~ 15:30Po Yao Niu A Brief Introduction on Recommendation System for Web Applications

2014 Student Research Seminar on Statistical and Machine Learning