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Paleoclimatological climate variations study based on Vostok Ice Core’


11:10:00 - 12:00:00

Paleoclimatological climate variations study based on Vostok Ice Core’

405 , Mathematics Research Center Building (ori. New Math. Bldg.)

The world of mathematics is often presented from a mathematicians’ point of view. That is we look at what mathematical problems are not solved, what new theories have been proven and for the applied mathematicians, what new methods have been developed or what problems can now be solved. But from the world of users and daily problem solvers, mathematics has a different perspective. This talk will present this alternative perspective of mathematics as an industry. Key points to be made are what this industry looks like, who makes the products, what products are delivered, how are they delivered, where is the competition and who makes how much money on the industry overall.
This is a complex industry of developing and applying math to problems and making money on mathematics and its benefits.
This topic is very timely as the need to reduce costs in businesses while providing better products and being able to compete aggressively drives companies to make smarter decisions. That demand creates significant opportunity for using mathematics in the design and decision making process. Moreover, the emerging competitive pressures and innovations have significant opportunities in Asia.