BCOV conjectures on quintic 3-folds


You-Cheng Chou (Academia Sinica)
2023-06-02  13:00 - 15:00
Room 202, Astronomy and Mathematics Building

BCOV's higher genus B-models on mirror quintic 3-folds can be viewed as conjectures for the Gromov-Witten theory of quintic 3-folds. They are (1) Yamaguchi-Yau's finite generation, (2) holomorphic anomaly equation, (3) the orbifold regularity, and (4) the conifold gap condition. The first two conjectures were proved by Chang-Guo-Li and Guo-Janda-Ruan. The third one was proved by Guo-Janda-Ruan. The conifold gap condition is open for g>5.

In this talk, I will state the BCOV conjectures and then give an overview about recent works by Chang-Guo-Li and Guo-Janda-Ruan.