Introduction to Photonic/Sonic Crystals and Metamaterials (Part I): Bloch’s Theorem, Photonic Band Structure, and Energy Flow


Pi-Gang Luan
2013-04-22  10:20 - 13:10
Room 103, Mathematics Research Center Building (ori. New Math. Bldg.)

In this lecture I will introduce the following concepts/topics: Maxwell Equations and wave equations, Complex representation of EM waves, Inhomogeneous wave media, 2D wave systems, Wave scattering in 2D systems, Reciprocal lattice vectors, k-sapce, Brillouin zone, Bloch’s Theorem, Photonic/Sonic band structures, Constant frequency contours, Group velocity, Energy density, Poynting vector, and energy velocity. Applications of photonic crystals will be briefly introduced, and the physical meaning of every concept will be explained thoroughly. The calculation methods for photonic/sonic band structures and field patterns will be discussed in the following two lectures.