Optimal and feedback control problem of an HIV model


Hee-Dae Kwon

15:50:00 - 16:30:00

R101 , Astronomy and Mathematics Building

We consider optimal dynamic multidrug therapies for human immunodeficiency virus(HIV) type 1 infection. We study an optimal time frame as well as HIV therapeutic strategies by analyzing the free terminal time optimal tracking control problem. The minimum duration of treatment periods and the optimal multidrug therapy are found by solving the corresponding optimality systems with the additional transversality condition for the terminal time. We also consider feedback control problem with partial state measurements. A state estimator based on a moving horizon control type approach is constructed based on viral load and T-cell count measurements. We demonstrate by numerical simulations that by anticipation of and response to the disease progression, the dynamic multidrug strategy reduces the viral load, increase the CD4+T cell count and improves the immune response.

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