Current Trends in Diophantine Geometry and Transcendence

May 23 - 27, 2016
Room 101, Mathematics Research Center Building (ori. New Math. Bldg.)

This conference aims at current developments in Diophantine Geometry and Transcendence. Focused on interplay of Diophantine problems with deeper aspects of arithmetic algebraic geometry, we organise a gathering of worlds leading experts to this part of Asia during the last week of May 2016. Recent progress on various important topics will be discussed in this meeting, and both arithmetic over number fields and over function fields be investigated.

Invited SpeakersYuri F. Bilu ( University of Bordeaux, France )
Chieh-Yu Chang ( National Tsing Hua University )
Pietro Corvaja ( University of Udine, Italy )
Jan-Hendrik Evertse ( Leiden University,The Netherlands )
Natalia Garcia-Fritz ( University of Toronto, Canada )
Liang-Chung Hsia ( National Taiwan Normal University )
Lars Kühne ( Max Planck Institute for Mathematics , Germany )
David McKinnon ( University of Waterloo, Canada )
Junjiro Noguchi ( The University of Tokyo, Japan )
Matt Papanikolas ( Texas A&M University, USA )
Hector Pasten ( Institute for Advanced Study, USA & Harvard University, USA )
Roland Paulin ( University of Salzburg, Austria )
Fabien Mehdi Pazuki ( University of Copenhagen, Denmark )
Carlo Viola ( University of Pisa, Italy )
Julie Tzu-Yueh Wang ( Academia Sinica )
Gisbert Wüstholz ( Eidgenossische Technische Hochschule Zürich )
Jianqiang Zhao ( Eckerd college, USA )
OrganizersGisbert Wüstholz ( Eidgenossische Technische Hochschule Zürich )
Jing Yu ( National Taiwan University & Taida Institute for Mathematical Sciences )
SponsorsTaida Institute for Mathematical Sciences ( TIMS )

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May. 23 (Mon.) 
9:30 ~ 09:55Registration
9:55 ~ 10:00Open Session
10:00 ~ 11:00Yuri F. Bilu Subgroups of Class Groups and the Absolute Chevalley-Weil Theorem
11:10 ~ 12:10Jan-Hendrik Evertse Binary forms of given discriminant and given invariant order
12:10 ~ 14:00Lunch
14:00 ~ 15:00Liang-Chung Hsia On GCD of sequences over function field
15:10 ~ 16:10Hector Pasten Some recent work on the abc conjecture
16:10 ~ 16:30Coffee Break
16:30 ~ 17:30Jianqiang Zhao Multiple zeta values and their cyclotomic generalizations
18:00 ~Banquet
May. 24 (Tue.)
10:00 ~ 11:00Carlo Viola Recent results on linear independence of dilogarithmic values
11:10 ~ 12:10Chieh-Yu Chang Linear relations among double zeta values in positive characteristic
12:10 ~ 14:00Lunch
14:00 ~ 15:00Matt Papanikolas Special L-values for Drinfeld modules over elliptic curves
15:10 ~ 16:10Natalia Garcia-Fritz Curves of low genus on surfaces and applications
May. 25 (Wed.)
10:00 ~ 11:00Pietro Corvaja Torsion subvarieties and Betti map
11:10 ~ 12:10Roland Paulin An explicit André-Oort type result for P^1(C) x G_m(C)
12:10 ~ 14:00Lunch
14:00 ~ 15:00Fabien Mehdi Pazuki Bad reduction of curves with CM jacobians
15:10 ~ 16:10David McKinnon Rational curves and rational points
May. 26 (Thu.)
10:00 ~ 11:00Junjiro Noguchi Some remarks to S.M.T. related to semi-abelian varieties
11:10 ~ 12:10Julie Tzu-Yueh Wang On GCD Bounds
12:10 ~Lunch
May. 27 (Fri.)
10:00 ~ 11:00Lars Kühne Intersection of class fields and some problems in arithmetic geometry
11:10 ~ 12:10Gisbert Wüstholz Billiard on the Triaxial Ellipsoid
12:10 ~Lunch
Current Trends in Diophantine Geometry and Transcendence