Computational Modeling of Nanoelectronics


Chao-Cheng Kaun

14:30:00 - 15:30:00

716 , CCMS & New Physics Building

Using first-principles calculations, we study electronic properties of device-related nanostructures. For example, conductance superposition rule in carbon nanowire junctions with parallel paths is demonstrated, providing an understanding on all π conjugated systems for designing efficient nanoelectronic devices. Conductance of a double-barrier single-molecule junction, consisted of a molecule on an insulating surface with a STM tip, is analyzed, revealing a key to control the gate leaking current in nanoscale transistors. In addition, quantum well states and the magnetic interlayer exchange coupling (IEC) in the Fe/Ag/Fe trilayer are investigated, showing that the ferromagnetic-layer thickness crucially impacts the IEC oscillation in magnetic trilayers through quantum resonances. This result readily explains the recent experimental finding and provides a new degree of freedom to efficiently tune the magnetic coupling in recording materials and to eliminate recording noises.