Desingularization of multiple zeta-functions


Kohji Matsumoto
2016-03-04  13:30 - 14:30
Room 103 , Mathematics Research Center Building (ori. New Math. Bldg.)

We introduce the method of desingularization of multiple zeta-functions of generalized Euler-Zagier type, under the motivation of finding suitable rigorous meaning of the values of multiple zeta-functions at non-positive integer points. The desingularized multiple zeta-function turns to be entire, and is written by a suitable finite linear combination of usual multiple zeta-functions. It is shown that specific combinations of Bernoulli numbers attain special values of desingularized zeta-function at non-positive integer points. (This is a joint work with H. Furusho, Y. Komori and H. Tsumura.)